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A fanmix with a couple of songs where our Italian Salad is being all crazy over Joseph :^)

EDIT: ahhHH Thank you sooo much for 70+ likes!!! Really, I'm so happy that you appreciate my CaeJose fanmix//// As a thanks I added another track (:Funky At Heart) <33

Hope you like it!!

Artwork by me (AiFungii / Fungiigane @ Tumblr)

10 tracks
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Okay, so I am having problems with replying for some reason :0?? but I'm really grateful for all the kind comments!! Thanks a bunch!

So I would wager that a good 30 of these listens are mine, so it was probably high time for me to come comment and tell you how much I love this playlist. It captures them really well, and I get feelings every time I listen to it. I also never in my life thought I'd cry over an ABBA song, but there you have it. I am so glad you made this playlist for these two fools that I cannot seem to get over!

@niceiceprince Hmm? I wrote a reply before but the whole thing didn't show? :0 Thanks anyway for your kind comment and for listening to my playlist! It means a lot to me

@AiFungii I got a notification in my email with your first comment!! Idk why it's not showing up. 8tracks is a pain sometimes. But I saw it

@AiFungii ok.........8tracks is a major butthole right now bc it only posted half my comment. ANYWAY I said thank you again for making it, and also I'm adding funky at heart to the 2015 mix i'm making bc of this playlist