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Best of K-Drama OST 2013

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The best songs from Korean Dramas for the year 2013. In my own version of ratings.

Ailee - Tears that stole the heart (Secret OST)
TaeYeon - And One (That Winter the Wind Blows OST)
Lena Park - Only with my Heart (The Heirs OST)

  • Driving Me Crazy by Hyorin
  • Day And Night (낮과 밤) [Master's Sun OST] by SeoAiNe
  • Snow Flower(That Winter, The Wind Blows OST part.3) by Gummy
  • ¸ð¸£³ª¿ä by ±èÁ¾±¹
  • Kim Bo Kyung by Kim bo kyung
  • My Eden [Gu Family Book OST Part.1] by Yisabel
  • Gu Family Book OST Part.2 사랑이 아프다 by Lee Sang Gon
  • Gu Family Book OST Part.3 사랑이 불어온다 by Lee Ji Young
  • The One(겨울사랑) by That Winter , The Wind Blows OST Part.2
  • That Winter, The Wind Blows OST Part. 1 by Yesung (Super Junior)
  • Rain (Jang Ok Jung, Lives In Love OST Part.1) by Im Jae Bum
  • And One ('That Winter, The Wind Blows' Ost) (Full Version) by Taeyeon
  • Only With My Heart [ The Heirs Ost ] by Park Jung Hyung (Lena Park)
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