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A long winter night


"When breath turns to ice in a heartbeat and the dark mountains standing against the moon, at evenfall, protect the people living at their feet and their small lights facing the darkness. And then the dusk suddenly turns to night, in a silent gasp. The woods are quiet, snow keeps falling in a magic, long winter night and everything feels like a dream, until dawn comes."

Eleven instrumental themes for your winter nights and one for the breaking dawn.

12 tracks
2 comments on A long winter night

I love this..... I just made a playlist and when mine ended and slipped into yours I didn't even notice. I just love the feeling you get from these kinds of songs. it's my kind of christmas

@a1um1num448 Thank you so much, you're so kind! And I totally agree, wintery songs are so relaxing and beautiful, I love them too. I'm going to check your playlist out, I'm sure I'm going to like it. :)