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The Take No Prisoners Mix

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I used to love I See Stars, until I saw them live. Devin Oliver sucks balls live, can't stay in tune when he doesn't have his precious autotune. Yes, you're right, when their screamer left all hope was gone for them. Now, both their singer and screamer blow live. I would love to see Asking Alexandria's screamer fill in for OM&M. I actually did a cover of Second & Sebring on youtube. Pretty ballin' :) layter brah.

ISS was good till the screamer left... btw they blew at warped tour. but asking alexandria's screamer sub'd in for of mice and men for 2 songs, and he is simply amazing.

You don't like ISS? That's surprising man, they're sick. But most people don't like the autotune, so I can see that. I think the autotune is a nice touch, because the singer doesn't have a good live voice. So it helps. But thanks for the comment man!