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Mainstream Hipster - What An Oxymoron.


The music all hipster kids should know. If you don't, you've officially failed as a hipster. Except if all hipsters know this shit, does it make it mainstream? Oh the questions that haunt me.

24 Tracks including music by Neutral Milk Hotel, Modest Mouse and Sonic Youth.

22 tracks
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Yes, I agree with everyone else. Hard to flaw this mix (for me anyway - like all my own music on the best shuffle ever). Love having the comment for most of the tracks too. Might try that on my mixes if I can.

as soon as i heard the first few seconds of Australia, i gasped! you made me gasp! lol again, awesome mix :) sharing this :)

I've done it!
But it seems like tracks are a bit different for a one set, so I'll try to stick to the topic more in the next sets:)
Meanwhile, I'll explore more of your mixes:)