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Courage, Dear Heart


A strategically-ordered mix I used through my own anxiety problems. For any of you guys out there with panic attacks, etc, I made this for you. It starts out sad/worn, and builds you up to happy. There are a few Christian songs in here, but even if you're not a Christian I think you'll still appreciate how uplifting they are. Courage, Dear Heart. :)

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@onlyalittlestar Oh darling. 8') Stay strong! God loves you very very much. All will turn out well, just keep fighting. I know it's rough, and I know it seems like life just keeps going and going with no break, but trust me, one day it'll be worth it. Until then, plug in and feel the love babe. :) I'm so glad you enjoy it. :) (Also my other playlist quiet courage was an extension of this, if you want more.) I'll be praying for you. <3