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for the empire


--Dedicated to one of my all time favorite book series, The Emperor's Edge (if you haven't read it you really, really should), this playlist is straight up mischief, adventure, and epic danger. Travel along with an enforcer-turned outlaw, an assassin, a professor, a witch, a bodyguard, and a hat-aficionado as they protect the emperor with snappy wit and unending schemes.--

“Waiting for the right people isn't going to get us where we want; we need to go out and find..." She groped for the right word. A mission? A project? A job?

"Trouble?" Sicarius suggested.

"An endeavor that will help the city and prove to the emperor that we're undeserving of the bounties on our heads and we're invaluable resources to his regime."

"Trouble." Sicarius said.
-Lindsay Buroker

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@dapperdandy Ahah, then my work here is done!! Lol, it is one of the absolute best series I've ever read- you should give it a try! The amount of witty comebacks I've learned from it is amazing X""D (I think the first is free on kindle too, if that helps?) Anywho, I'm glad you enjoyed the playlist! Happy listening!!