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It's snowing


steam rolling out of a fresh cup of coffee on our dinner table, it's 7PM & the floors creaking from all the dancing around she's doing, I laugh & put my cup of coffee down next to hers, "let's go outside" I say
"Sure!" She turns to me and grins, one that reaches from ear to ear.

She's all bundled up & so am I. It's winter. We walk out to the out of our apartment & take a stroll, hands outstretched with our fingers laced together, backs turned to our shabby apartment looking onto the empty streets, & it's only 7:15 PM.

She's in pain. She's still healing, I tell myself. I tug at her hand & draw her in close, I look at her eyes as we're nose to nose. "It's snowing, Korra" I whisper. Tiny pelts of frosty snow slowly fall from the sky, she presses her forehead against mine

"yeah it is"

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