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only a fool for you


They've both ran across rooftops together, brought down the same enemies together, give or take under different names during different times. But they did it all, together. They're here right now, together. Just Steph and Cass. Just Steph and Cass, at Coast City's beach, deep in the waters, alone.

Cass entwines her fingers with hers. She doesn't have to read her to know she's nervous, let alone blushing. It's cute, she thinks to herself. The sun's setting and the blonde crusader gathers the courage she's got and sifts through the water to move towards Cass. Only inches apart, enticing heat radiating from the two of them.

Cassandra slowly places her hand on Steph's cheek, they slowly move closer together, time proverbially slowing down as they close the gap between them once and for all.

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