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From Software Mix


From Armored Core to Dark Souls, From Software exists in both the past and the future.

A shame I couldn't find any Chromehounds or King's Field songs on Soundcloud to add... but I feel they are at least worth mentioning.

  • IZAYOI instrumental by Tenchu Z OST
    Video Game: Tenchu Z
  • Armored Core For Answer : Someone Is Always Moving On The Surface by Mehdi Djebbouri
    Video Game: Armored Core: For Answer
  • -One Who Craves Souls- by Demons Souls Soundtrack
    Video Game: Demon's Souls
  • Taurus Demon by Dark Souls OST
    Video Game: Dark Souls
  • Bloodborne OST Cleric Beast Boss Music by Kassinex
    Video Game: Bloodborne
  • Heavy Armour" by Dreadnaught (From The Lauch Trailer for "Steel Battalion
    Video Game: Steel Battalion - Heavy Armor (Trailer)
  • STA SR (Shadow Tower Abyss) [PS2] by MiLOzz
    Game: Shadow Tower Abyss (Unfortunately, do not know if this is actually in the game or not... but I suppose tributes work as well.)
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