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Nintendo Classics

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Nostalgic themes from the beloved games that many of us love today.

  • bit Mario Theme by 8
  • Legend of Zelda Theme by project seven
  • Pokémon Red & Blue by Opening
  • Donkey Kong Theme by Kurosai
  • ……… by Nintendo
  • Theme of Super Metroid by hefestomar
  • Kolhapurchi Lavangi Mirchi by Usha Mangeshkar
    Couldn't find the SNES Version
  • Mute City by Yumiko Kameya & Naoto Ishida
  • "Green greens", Kirby's Dream Land (Game Boy) by Orakio "O Gagá" Rob
  • Kid Icarus (NES) Music Underworld Theme by 8-bit-generation3
10 tracks
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