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Anime soundtracks 2013

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Christmas vacations = lots of anime. Music from: Silver Spoon, Ouran Host Club, Log Horizon, My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy, Gatchaman Crowds, Shirokuma Cafe and Arpeggio of Blue Steel.

  • Kiss you by Miwa
  • Ouran Host Club Op (Male version) by Sakura Kiss
  • Afilia Saga ~ S・M・L☆ by Miyuzaki48
  • わんわんわんわんN_1!! by 犬っ娘くらぶ
  • ボクにインビテーション by JP
  • Crowds by Gatchaman Crowds
  • Hello Especially HD (Silver Spoon by Sukima Switch
  • Lemonade Scandal by Violetlyrics
8 tracks
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