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Ohm made Part III - Every day I promise I quit, but...


enjoy this 3d part with artists like Craig Armstrong, Lamb, Depeche Maud (ok, they are everywhere...), FSOL, Röyksopp, Hol Bauman, HUVA Network and so on...

25 tracks
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I really like the songs without words in them. Could you make a playlist of just those? Also I think more people would click on your mixes if they had a more catchy photo. Take care.

If you wish such a playlist, don't hesitate to listen to my 5th part
Also thank you for the piece of advice. But I assume my choice as it is a collection of different playlists with catchy colors. If you look at my profile and see all the pictures of my playlists one beside the other, you'll understand . But I appreciate your "concern" ;)

Hello The_Cartographer. I've spent a little time exploring your own mixes and I like them very much. I also liked the collections you made : you deserve your nickname. And if you want to hear another playlist of mine, here is a new one :