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Trust Me, I'm a Doctor


For our favorite sassy gentleman, the heart of the Enterprise, and a humanistic scientist. But remember, he's a doctor.

[A Bones fanmix. Featuring Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, Marina and the Diamonds, and more. Oldies & modern classics.]

Thanks for the love on this playlist, guys!!

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Hey! I love this mix. Definitely one of my favourite Bones playlists out there. I was just wondering about your addition of Mowgli's Road. What was your thought process behind it? Like, what makes you think of Bones with that song?

@thewholewatermelon Hey, thanks so much! I really appreciate that :) I think that Mowgli's Road is a good depiction of the way Bones feels compelled to live a normal life (he's "just a doctor," haha), but also knows that working in space – in anything but a normal job – is his calling. Sorry for the late reply to your question; I've had lots of schoolwork! Hope this answers it ^^