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The Show Must Go On


A Klavier Gavin character exploration playlist: entirely in classic rock.

The ever-professional rock star, the troubled mind, the puppet of his brother, the young man figuring out how the hell loving someone works when you're standing on your own two feet.

[I was disappointed at the lack of good ol' Rock'n'Roll in all of the Klavier playlists I'd found, so I made one myself. Klapollo heavily suggested. Imagine Klavier serenading Apollo with track #8.]

[Cover art by Tumblr user "anythingpollo", can be found at ""]

8 tracks
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THE SCORPIONS ARE TOTALLY MY HEADCANON FOR THE GAVINNERS TOO. this alone makes it a fantastic playlist, but other than that this is still A+

@maddiemct Haha omg I'm so glad! :D I was like "Ok german 80's sounding rock band soooo Scorpions". I have so many classic-rock Gavinners feelings/tracks. It took a lot of effort not to just flood this with Queen though, lol.