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stages of a breakup: ACCEPTANCE.


three stages of a breakup : acceptance
songs about getting over past loves and falling in love again. the road to recovery wasn't easy, but you made it.

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  • every night by exid
    i forgot the days we spent together, i threw away the memories.
  • HAPPY by 2NE1
    i hope you're happy without me
  • 행복해서 미안해 by 다비치
    i don't cry anymore, i'm happy but i'm sorry
  • Løft Ham Opp by Agape Praise
    it'll be okay.
  • GIRIBOY(기리보이) Take Care Of You(지켜줄게) by Ketty
    find someone else to take care of you.
  • 에픽하이 (EPIK HIGH) – 헤픈엔딩 (HAPPEN ENDING) (Feat. 조원선 of 롤러코스터) by ByYatto
    sometimes life doesn't always have happy endings, but happen endings aren't bad either.
  • by Lee Hi
    i'm not the same girl you used to know, i'm sick and tired of you.
  • I'm Different Feat. (iKON) Bobby by Lee Hi & (AKMU) Suhyun
    i'm different from other girls. i might have more scars.
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