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stages of a breakup: ANGER

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three stages of a breakup : anger
right after the breakup when you're angry at all they've done wrong and what you could've done to fix it. regrets and anger.

missing -
acceptance -

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  • Sistar Ft Mad Clown by Bad Guy
    The red-hot lie when you said you would only love me You’ll probably whisper it to someone else, somewhere else Love is gone. Love is over I was crazy to love you Love is gone. My love is over Who are you to hurt me like this Bad boy oh Bad boy oh Bad boy oh Love is gone
  • 다쳐 (Hurt Locker) by 9MUSES (나인뮤지스)
    my heart is hurt, no more. stop stop.
  • Subwoofer Test Music / Bass Test - Bass, 20khz To 20h by Bass Songs
    Guilty guilty cruel boy. You me hurt hush. Time back again. Guilty guilty. You’re a bad boy, I’ll kill you from inside of me My wish came true so you Became a picture that I can’t see Why do I keep hanging around you? I’m better than that Now let’s stop, heart You say the words I hate, I was too BUSY Why did I wait for you? Let’s break up Now tell me (no no no no) Come to me without a word
  • Untitled by Per Diem
    You’re clearly the one who left But I’m more SORRY, I begged and begged But I hear your VOICE OVER the phone Telling me to stop, that you’re sorry, that I should forget you My world crashed down in just one moment I should’ve held onto you, I should’ve begged But you’re ALREADY gone Time has froze in just one moment I scream and shout But there’s no answer
  • 화 (Fire) by Mad Clown
    Trouble Trouble Our destiny Who’s hurting more? Who’s in love more? When I see you, crazy for me I laugh, I laugh like this Lalilalala lalilalala Am I the crazy one? Are you the crazy one? Am I the crazy one for not being able to leave the crazy you? Lalilalala lalilalala Don’t let go of me, don’t take me I did really love you, you were the star of my heart A star is right but like the stars in Seoul Whenever nighttime came, I couldn’t see you, I was so frustrated, I couldn’t see you
  • 맨정신 (SOBER) by BIGBANG
  • stupid liar by wa$$up
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