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an afternoon at the sign shop


1991 - the year that punk broke. Nirvana's "Nevermind" had just come out, and bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, and Dinosaur Jr. were starting to become more popular. In 1992, I started working at a sign shop down the street from my house, where a couple of my co-workers introduced to me to a whole other scene. "Hardcore" which became "post-hardcore" which became "emo" (with the occasional "shoegaze" thrown in as a red herring). There are a lot of different names you can give something to try and further categorize it, but as far as I'm concerned good music is good music. period. The music we listened to each day while cranking out vinyl letters on foam"core" (wink) definitely started to influence my own songwriting, and shape me as a person too.

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Favorite tracks:
Son of Mustang Ford - been forever (too long) and still kicks ass
Can Opener - I should have been way into Quicksand back in 91 but didn't come across them until years later
Chalk the Cracks - Seaweed!!

@flashcracker - glad you enjoyed the mix. Seaweed "Weak" was a sign shop staple ... then when their "Four" record came out, wow what a great record. Chalk the Cracks was always a stand out track for me.