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Epic soundtracks/songs that give you a bone-chilling reaction, that put you in a happiness paralysis.

Any suggestions, please comment!

18 tracks
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Awesome playlist. I'm usually suuuuuper picky when it comes to study playlists, but this one is amazing, really well balanced, the songs are not too aggressive/distracting nor too sleepy/boring. Well done! If you really are looking for suggestions, here are a few of my personal favourites : Narnia (ex. western woods to beaversdam), Amelie (ex. La valse d'amélie version orchestre, comptine d'un autre été), A beatiful Mind (a kaleidoscope of mathematics), Zoosters Breakout from Madagascar, Arrival to Earth from Transformers, Main Titles from The Cider House Rules, etc etc. Also, similar to sigur ros: Tear drop (Massive Attack). But I'm just saying that because you asked not because your playlist is incomplete. Seriously, good job