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Got me on my tiptoes


these dorks will be the end of me I swear
Lovely cover art found here:
Edit: HOLY FRICK GUYS THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THE GOLD I wuv every one of you, yeah even you little guy, I will add more tracks randomly
Tracklist (not complete tho): http://bookuto-s.tumblr.com/post/88204174471/got-me-on-my-tiptoes-a-kagehina-fanmix-tip

11 tracks
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Luu-chan-san-kun-sama yeah lol. I'm sure if I commented before but.
I love this mix so much. It's light hearted and fun and just really really happy oh god it's so beautiful. I can see their relationship being told through every song especially Tip Toes that's their song that's their freaking song omg. Thank you this was really wonderful. The best KageHina mix ever tbh. Fav. haha. I also checked out your DaiSuga mix and MAN MAN MAN you make amazing mixes. Hope to see more from you soon~

@tricia jane.d You keep commenting the more the better. SRSLY THIS SHIT CANT BE ALL THAT U JUST COMMENTED SRSLY. and yes when i heard tiptoes for the first time i thought "gonna do a kagehi mix" AND BAM! this baby was created, thats how babies are born people. WAHT NONONO THIS THE BEST KAGEHI MIX EVAH? IM SO IN LOVE WITH OTHER MORE HELLA RAD KAGEHI MIXES THAN THIS POOP. OM G AND THANK U VERY FOR ALL THESE LOVELY COMMENTS. uh uH UH IM PLANNING SOME BUT IDK