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Laws of gravity don't apply to you, baby


I hope Shieru doesnt find this,its sappy/shitty as fuck...
Hola so I wanted to do a fanmix for these two dorks since a long time ago, and while I was falling in the hell hole of Kurokens I found this awesome fic and I mixed oops
If you havent read LOG (READ. IT. NOW. PLS) this can be heard as a normal Kuroken mix
Art is NOT mine, its drawn by the writer, I only edited it.
Tracklist+links to the fic: http://bookuto-s.tumblr.com/post/95605093991/kenmyas-a-kuroken-fanmix-inspired-by-the-fic

17 tracks
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Ok I love this fic it's like my fav one and when I found this playlist I almost cried of happiness. And as a plus, your music taste rocks. It's the first kuroken playlist where I findThe Kooks, The Vamps and others of the kind. Congrats and thx!

I'm in love with this. Thank you for making it, I think it's sO PERFECT oh my God literally I hardly ever bother listening to songs that people link to fanfics because they're usually just shitty guilty pleasures, but y'know, I could be completely wrong, like I was with this! I didn't expect much, but it's fantastic. And can I just say I'm kinda sorry because it sounds like I'm insulting you. Sorry. But you know I'm complimenting you, right??? Right????

First of all, thank you for introducing me to this fanfic I've been so kuroken deprived. You have my fav haikyuu mixes and I saw you make a kuroken mix and I freaked out. I actually wanted to skip the reading and listen to the mix but like. That's not fun right. So I read it and WOAH HOLY SHIT AMAZING. It's now officially my fav kuroken fanfic and the mix goes so well with it more than you think actually. No updates yet so I've started re-reading it with this mix and it ///really/// suits the fanfic. I've always loved your mixes omg thank you.

@tricia jane.d have i told you HOW MUCH I LOVE WHEN YOU COMMENT ???? LOG was actually one of the things that got me to ship kuroken hardcore and Ive begged to 8523856899065 people to read it tbh and im REALLY glad the mix helps the fic, the whole fandom need to know about it. OH MY GOD IM VERY GLAD IT DOES FIT THANKS LIKE IT WAS ONE OF MY BIGGEST WORRIES AND POSTING IT WAS REALLY INTENSE AND I THOUGHT THAT MAYBE SHIERU WOULD SUE ME OR SMTH. IM SO HONORED THAT MY MIXES ARE YOUR FAV ONES sobs thank you, oh and get ready because im doing EVERY. SINGLE. SHIP. that ruins my soul and im posting soon this mix about this ship that starts with "boku" and ends with "aka" *wionks* also the iwaois are coming soon. tfw i get teh blushes //////

@kyllex JOIN THE CLUB, log is so awesome i cant. oH MY GOD UM THANK YOU ??? i didnt expect it too be THAT good tbh cos I was tackling two things at the same time which were to make it kuroken but also similar to the fic and damn was it difficult BUT it was worth it and Shieru was happy with it and i still cant believe it and im rambling again sorry, but THANKS FOR THE FEEDBACK i appreaciate it a lot uwu

Just gonna say that the art, the fic, heck even the title, are NOT mine. I only did this fanimix to support the fic. The only thing I did was put the songs and do the crappy edit, so PLEASE support Shieru and her masterpiece of a fic. Please and thank you!