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An Ode to Convenience


just imagine a dingy walmart in the neighborhood that hasn't quite caught up with the times.

please also consider listening to my mix 'That Endless Skyway", which acts as part 2 in my love letter to america
for tha #haterz: i did research to pick the music for this and all of these songs have at some point been on the playlists of several walgreens, kmarts, or walmarts across the country! if you do some snooping around the webs you'll see they release their playlists from time to time. i have no life!

15 tracks
4 comments on An Ode to Convenience

The premise of this playlist is really brilliant and heartwarmingly original. I was grinning ear to ear when I read your playlist description and I'm not even American. Something about it reminds me of The Big Lebowski, too. Hehe. Well done! Well-researched playlists are always a joy. This specimen here is a gem.

@tangyrazif Thank you so much for this comment! So sweet and thoughtful. I actually had not seen The Big Lebowski when I created this mix but your comment inspired me to watch it and I absolutely loved it! Thank you again-- comments like these inspire me to keep making playlists :)