Is this playlist safe for work?


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why has no one commented - are you kidding me?!? this mix is good!!!! It so ANIME i feel like this grownup-kid mix of a person listening to this, AWESOME!
Could you send me a list of the animes?
or better yet even if the anime isnt in any of the songs here could you send me a list of recommended anime? im sort of new into it all and only recently watched fmab.
heh sorry for the super lkng comment - if it's a hassle it's ok if you dont send any list or recommendation at all :)
All in all i have to say EPIC, INCREDIBLE, ROCKIN playlist =D “ψ(`∇´)ψ

@regiibeyondlight I'm glad you liked this playlist XD And I'm sorry for the late reply hehe.. I'll gladly give you a list of recommended anime just tell me what genre you like~ XD But I mostly watch shoujo animes hehe ._.v