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outside, it's cold


but inside it's as warm and comforting as ever

this mix is meant to feel like how snow and winter mix and how they make people feel

2015/03/11- soundcloud took off a bunch of the songs so I tried to find all of them and put them back in the order they were previously as best I could! Also thanks so much for making this gold everyone!! It means a lot to me :-)

2015-10-10 fixed

9 tracks
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I love it even though it is short in its length of how many music you have on it. It has songs I like listening to when I want to be calm or at peace, that is the way I feel from hearing it. Other people might see or emotionally feel their own difference to your own opinion of choosing it. Which makes it all more effective in its since of having a impact on the individuals mood, so that is something I think you might have already seen by now as people take looks at it. That is my complement to your taste in songs over all it is moving in its own way.

I just wanted to go to sleep. Not this. Not sob. Sorry. The Breaking of the Fellowship still hits me hard. Lovely playlist - perfect for curling up and falling asleep to during a frosty Novemeber night. Thank you for sharing <3

I figured it would be a good one to start with because it's always struck a cord with me and I'm glad to hear it did for you too!