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all my lovin' piano and...

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doomo arigatoo gozai masu
it's so thoughtful of you dear Aki
enjoyed much <3
many thanks again for your kindness
with respect & love ..xoxo

arapers & gamarjobat dear kobi:)
i'm so glad you liked it!
you are kind, kobi...*wink*
bc i guess you might have already known this one?:)

i'm having a lovely tea break with your 'Ethnic' mix now btw..so thank you very much.:))
have a great weekend, kobi:)xo
*love and respect*

dooitashimashite & itsu demo my sweet Aki :)
so happy you like Ethnic mix and listening to it in your tea break <3
thank you too Aki for your sweet words and big heart ;)... XOXO

i'm happy i can listen to the beautiful tunes with you, my dear kobi:) today, i'm having my tea break with your blip stream..:)
thank you so much for sending such a nice music, kobi. and now, playing 'Jacques Loussier Trio'...beauty..
btw, this is one of my big favorite from Nils Landgren http://youtu.be/CKm6g_JBma8 i hope you like it...
i have to go back to work right now.;)
have a beautiful day sweet kobi *smiles*:)xoxo

Happy Sunday dear Aki
thanks so much for the link, it is my fav too :) so beautiful and romantic :)
do you work on Sunday?
love all your replies and sends sweetie

not every Sunday, but yesterday, yes.:)
thank you & g'morning from here dear kobi.
i love all your replies...and your way, too:)

i'm glad you liked the song:)
have a lovely week, dear:)xox

didi madloba & gamarjobat my dear kobi:)
i'm glad to see you (listen to yours) here, too!:)))
now, i'm on your mix...enjoying 'Jadwa Amina Alaoui & Jon Balke'..beautiful:))

thank you so much for the info, Raquel...it is...correction needed! Btw, 'a mi madre' is my fave of faves...so glad you liked it:))

aki, 8tracks has been misspelling songs info, so what i do after uploading songs, i go over in case of correction needed . like here, on 'a mi madre', delicious track, 8tracks misspelled chucho valdes.