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if i could fly...

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totemo ureshii:))...means...'i'm very happy'...kobi:))
i want to show you trumpet, too;)) only pic, bc..awful sound*lol*

have you heard of his music btw?
famous oboist in JPN. title means ’whistling’...
wind blows the whistle...the wind know the answer..:))

have a beautiful day my dear kobi :)xo

very nice tune :) have not heard him before thank so much for introducing me sweetie, hope wind whistles me the answer ;))
sorry Aki but cannot find trumpet pic here, did you send me the link? or you meant soon :)
yoi ichi nichi o ...XOXO

ohayo from here dear kobi:) i'm glad you liked it :))
btw, i've changed my grooveshark's avi; http://grooveshark.com/#!/aki_lvmsc trumpet! look look :))

i'm feeling beautiful autumn breeze right now..so fine:))
are you sleeping well right now?
oyasumi nasai..my dear kobi..wish you a lovely w/end:))xoxox

very nice purchase Aki :) waiting for how it sounds by you "wink" much important for me playing by heart than professionally ;)
i just LOOVE this tune, many version opera or orchestra and etc.
btw i sent you one of version on Blip :)
beautiful autumn weekend my dearest Aki
hug you tight xox

:)) someday..yes :)) *wink*
ohayo & thank you very much for your heartwarming messages my dearest kobi♡

i'm listening to your blips right now...very beautiful kobi.. having a lovely Sunday morning with your choices :)) so fine!
have a peaceful Sunday darling heart. *hugs & kisses*:))

aw kobi, pity i can't listen 'Charles Gounod'...we can't listen EMI contents here in JPN :/
anyway, outstanding choices kobi:)))xoxo

Really very pity :/ here is problems like this too
i added it in Classics mix (C. Gounod)
your sweet notes and tunes make my days beautiful as well
doomo arigatoo gozai masu Aki sun :)) XOX
ბედნიერ დღეს გისურვებ ძვირფასო

ისე ლამაზად თქვენგანს (am i right?:))
i really appreciate it my dear kobi...so very beautiful...!
you made / make my days too :)))
i'll catch you on blip, too...listening to 'Je crois entendre encore' again now *smiles*

thank you so very much my sweetest kobi:) xoxo

Grammarly not correct but sure i understand what you meant(so nice of you) but i love your trying to send me Georgian words :)) i know i made mistakes in Japanese too, and maybe sometimes in English LOL
thank you for your big kind heart sweetheart which i feel even from miles away
btw today's blip was inspired by you again ;) now opera version
konbanwa and much love and respect send your way

i always do!...talking about mistake in English *lol*
me also love your trying to send in Japanese, kobi:)
oyasumi nasai & მადლობას მილიონი (i hope you're NOT laughing now...lol)

:))) good to hear it!
wish you a lovely samshabati my dearest kobi:)

i'm listening to yours now, and wondering...:))xoxo

cherry trees turn green, beautiful hibiscus blooms now..:) The rainy season has finally ended, BBQ season comes around! take care of yourself Raquel.:)

"'BBQ season', look that Raquel, how much you don't know about Japan. You never thought of BBQ up there, have you?" This is me thinking Aki :)) Big hug xx

I can't stop smiling:))) I live near a beautiful beach, I just got back from there. BBQ beach party - one of my favorite things.;) Com'on Raquel.xoxo