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if snow falls...

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Hi Aki, i love your fine taste and i'm proud that you're my 1st follower! Wish you a very happy sounding new year :-)

thank you very much for another new kirei mix my dearest Aki
i feel like to listen to my fav mix :)) we have so similar taste
love snow too and yesterday was first snow in Tbilisi ;)
wish you harmony and wonderful day Aki and send you many warm kisses
ii namae desu ne :) ...XOXOX

sounds lovely!:))
hello & thank you so very much my *dearest* kobi.
i've just got back from a short trip (work)...
...so, are you watching beautiful snowscape with good music & hot coffee?:)) i'm thinking of you, kobi:)

"თოვლი"...look like lots of ♡:)
i wish you a lovely day...sending you much kisses and smiles:))xoxoxo

Hope trip was successful
yes still watching but today with Ludwig van Beethoven's masterpieces(today is his birthday) and more like hot tea ;)
agree yuki looks likes pure love falling from samotxe(heaven)
thank so much my sweet Aki, same for you beautiful week ahead
miss you :) xoxox

thank you very much kobi:)
yes, that trip was successful, we'll progress to the next step:))

me too, i prefer tea to coffee kobi;) and i like to collect tea cups.

great music (like L.vBeethoven) is a gift from samotxe:))..not props yet, but listened yours last night before i went to bed:) wonderful choice, kobi:)
i like Emil Gilels' Beethoven btw.. just found this on YT:) http://youtu.be/eUBtvzHtbQI

it has been raining here...i miss you too kobi:)xoxoxo

i am sure you are as talented in your work as you have great taste in music :)
i think you have beautiful tea cups collection, let me see if it possible ;)
many thanks my sweetest Aki for this Ludwig's masterpiece
btw this tune is my first touch of his heavenly beautiful musical world
have you seen movie "The Soloist"? love it and many soundtracks there
always big pleasure to listen to yours as well honey
have a good chai break and successful day Aki

thank you for your kind words my sweet kobi:))

sure, i'd love to show you.!:))) my GS avi (tea cup & plate) is my collection, too (Susie Cooper)...i love antiques, expensive for me tho:))

i haven't seen that movie yet. gonna see it weekend:))) "Il Postino", "Finding Forrester" has awesome soundtracks, i think. do you like it?
i wish you the same darlin'heart, enjoy your tea:)))xo

yes i remember that avi you had on blip too :) so beautiful, great collection
i think you like it because there are many Beethoven's Bach's ...etc soundtracks :)
have not seen these movies and gonna see them too, thank you Aki for letting me know
keep warm with my hot hugs sending your way my dear heart :))

ohayo & thank you very much:) i'm having some tea from my favorite tea cup, kobiღ
and thank you too for letting me know about the movie(music)..i can't wait:))

Miles Davis ~ Recollections...it's a soundtrack of "Finding Forrester". fits our conversation, so i listened to it yesterday;))
i have The Postman (IL POSTINO)'s OST, so UL here someday;)

i've read somewhere that wine originated in Georgia. hot wine makes you warm too, kobi:)))

it's a little bit cold today..sending you warmest hugs & smiles sweet heart:))xoxoxo

share some tea from your beautiful cup collection please :D
yes Aki i realized that "Recollection" was inspired by our conversation and tune is wonderful as well :) and plus Davis trumpet ;)
cannot wait either and will see movies for sure
wanna share short soundtrack from "The Soloist" hope enjoy
dzili nebida chemo sayvarelo Aki :)
sabishikat ta desu ...xoxo

sure thing my dear heart..don't feel sabishii..i'll make us some teaღ would you like sugar and milk? :))

i'm glad you liked the tune (saw lots of props just before..thank you:))...and looking forward to listening to the soundtrack, too:)) love your intelligence:)

kobi, may i ask the meaning of...
dzili..dream?...nebida..beach / sea?....am i right? really fun to imagine :)
wish you a beautiful პარასკევი..სიყვარულით სავსე❤:))xoxox

plzz with sugar and lemon ;) didi madloba
dzili nebisa together means good night (but dzili and nebisa not together have different meanings)
tkbili sizmrebi means sweet dreams
Takusan no ai & Happy weekend ahead sweetest Aki <3
how is weekend in Japanese?

thank you very much & konnichiha kobi:))) so nice of you, i enjoyed the link. wonderful:))

also, thank you for letting me know about the words. Google translate only "Mrglovani font" (like პარასკევი). am i making sense??

we say weekend = shuumatsu in Japanese;)
i've learned chven da limoni.. :)) me also like tea with lemon, kobi:)ღ

it's my big pleasure dearheart :) yes i know it's not good translate for Georgian language and plz feel free to ask me anything
so glad you like Aki and movie is wonderful also :)
lets enjoy our chai limnit(with lemon) and heavenly tunes
Tanoshi Kinyobi and shuumatsu darling :-*

aw, so very nice of you my dear heart kobi :))
i added "Aria from Suite in F major / Zipoli ~ Orchestre de chambre Jean-François Paillard" nocturne mix on the top:) i really love this tune, better sound quality than YT i think:)
btw, i wanted to write "tovli"...lots of typo...gomen ne (means sorry), kobi.
"If kisses were snowflakes I'd send you a blizzard."...lovely quote isn't it? ;) have a beautiful weekend darlin':))xoxo

Ahh thank you sweet Aki, yesterday was lot of snow and it means i received many kisses from you :))
no sorry about it plz i have many typo too ;) and i always understand you right
enjoyed much it is so kirei tune just love it like snowflakes melting in my face "wink"
thank you for another beautiful day you gave me :))
much love and respect dear kokoro :))...XOXOX
P.S. i added Yami & Anna Maria Jopek lovely song for you in Female mix ;) i could not play it on blip to send you

sasiamovnoa tqveni mxridan dearest heart:)))
so very beautiful, really loved it:))) and, i loved your imagination too! now, snow makes us very happy *wink*:)ღღღ
i always enjoy spending time with you..and always have respect for you:)))
keep warm, sending much love and smiles kobi:))xoxoxo

i'm going to see "The Soloist" tonight...yay!:))

Watashi no aisuru Aki wa anata no totemo suteki ;)) correct?
big pleasure to talk and imagine with you sweetheart
enjoy your day and movie :)
long tight hugs and many snowflakes "wink" for you Aki san

today ar(not) tovs but hope qari is sent from your kokoro as well ;))
thanks so much for every "snowflakes" kirei tunes and everything Aki <3
Watashi no kokoro o atatameru

same here & hai (means...yes) kobi...talking about Japanese:)

i saw "The Soloist"...esp loved the Beethoven that i sent you on blip:))...the scene as well.
great movie, kobi. loved it bc based on a true story.. there is no such thing as a happy ending..i mean, there is a real life story..

btw too early to say "akhal c’els"?*lol* dose it mean "happy new year"?:)
stay warm dear kobi. with *snowflakes* :))xoxoxo

absolutely right honey it is real life and happy end is not frank in this "sansara" (called earth) and beautiful tunes means for me true really happy life which i feel and percept through them :)
i know you loved it :) many many thanks for great blip :) your replies always make me warm and happy smile you know it sweet Aki
yes it means Happy New Year and Shoba means Christmas
Meri kurisumasu.. is it right?

დიახ:)) Meri kurisumasu kobi darlin':))ღღ

"beautiful tunes means for me true really happy life which i feel and percept through them"...that's just i wanted to write...i love your intelligence more than you know, kobi:)) and you also always make me happy & smile you know:))

had been listening to Beethoven...thank you so much for the good time!:)))

i really hope you're having a good time sweet kobi:))xoxoxo

doomo arigatoo gozai masu for your kind words and beautiful soul Aki, very glad that we have many in common(not only in music) ;))
this life(Sansara) is mainly selfish, evil, unjust, greedy and good music let me know and feel that there is true life with love and harmony
last night i watched the movie "Finding Forrester" it was very interesting :) thank you dear
btw i loved to play basketball when i was young boy and sure swimming also ;) my most favs sports, not often now but at times still play
you know dearest Aki it's my big pleasure to interact and share anything with you and of course to receive sweet replies and tunes from you
makes me really happy <3 ღღ
よい一日を ;)) XOXOXOX

think you're good at sports kobi?:))) me, liked to play tennis..when i was a student.
yes kobi, we have a lot of things in common:)) it's makes me so happy:)))

btw i thank you so very much for the wonderful music on blip...really really love it...listened to 3 times...good for my very late night.

again, thank you so much for everything that you gave to me, kobi:) oyasumi nasai...mata ne:))xoxoxox

DITTO :)) so happy to hear that and sure you feel that i love your kokoro and thoughts too
tennis is great, i love to watch grand slams, soon in January will be Aus Open ;) who is your fav player?
Meri kurisumasu watashi no amai Aki
your heart likes Christmas full of love which i feel every day <3
big tight hugs honey XOXOX

Meri kurisumasu darlin' heart:))
feel the same, kobi...thank youღ

Yes, love to watch it too!:) don't play tennis recently tho=) Maria Sharapova is my favorite player, and you kobi? i attended to tennis school when i was a child.

btw, added my favorite Shai Maestro's tune for you.."in the name of love" mix, the second from the top:) i hope you like it. i really love this album (as you know!) esp this tune;)

may the joy of Christmas fill your heart...with love, aki:)ღxoxoxo

very nice Anata to issho ni tonde ;)) (hope correct) enjoyed much thank you honey, like this new Jewish jazz band too
yes i saw your blip recently with comment ;) really great album
My fav tennisist was Boris Becker liked his playing style
many thanks for your kind wishes and love same for you my sweetest Aki
let your sweet kokoro beat happily always <3

you're most welcome, my sweetest kobi, and you're right:))
yes, i know you liked them;) his piano playing is so beautiful.
i'm always so happy to hear from you, kobi:))) teach me many more things (music, your language, movie, sports etc...things you like:)) when you have time. and listen to my heart beat as it goesღ
enjoy your beautiful day kobi:))xoxoxo