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in the name of love

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Aki your new mix means great time and a lot of love to me :))
great choices sweetie as always, here is my special favorite tags & musicians ;)
many thanks again Aki for your music, friendship, big heart, sweet comments ....

Much appreciated dearest kobi♡ I'm sooo happy you loved this mix, then, I must say you inspire me a lot :))
I'm looking forward to listening to yours...always ;)

thank you very much for being gentle, kind...and music: dearest kobi :)) I hope you are having a sweetest dreams now ;)xoxoxo

last night before i went to bed i listened to your new mix so sure i had sweetest dream :))
send you kind thoughts as usual my dearest Aki <3
p.s. i think i will update my mixes(esp ACT) but not create new one soon, btw i recently updated ECM & Jazz
lot of love :)

i'm very happy to hear it kobi :))xoxo
and, i'm sooo glad to listen to Zoe Rahman *again*! i didn't know about her, but now she is my favorite pianist :) i added her 'melting pot' to my wish list..'O Que Sera', too :)
i enjoyed 'Smoothie' on youtube (your UL?;)) a few days ago. (on your blip page, 8tracks too;)) wonderful, kobi:)
been listening to your mixes this morning kobi. (now listening ACT mix again;) thank you very much my dearest kobi, you make my day :) sending you smiles and lots of love♡ :)

it's my pleasure and very glad you like my taste like i do yours dear Aki :)
yes Zoe is great jazz pianist and i discover her not long ago
Right Iiro Rantala's "Smoothie" is my UL on YT because it is from new album and cannot find on YT to blip
always check your new mix when i am here and sometimes listen to old ones :) they are perfect for my ears, as i said you have great taste and i think not only in music
thanks so much you too Aki
be happy ..xox