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Hello Aki, My girlfriend Marghieth and I love this playlist. Tonikaku, 40 nenkan mae ni nihon ni sunde, nihongo wo benkyo shimashita. Jay

@jksavage konnichiwa Jay san:) arigatou for listening with your girlfriend* very happy to hear that you and Marghieth san enjoyed this mix. have a nice day/yoi ichinichi o sugoshite kudasai ne;)

Ohh so many big favorite tunes here :)) just beautiful sweet Aki
Thanks so much and many warm kisses ..xoxo
still listening enjoy much <3
go takoo o inoru !

thank you so very much my dear kobi:)) look at my "similar mixes"..2 out of 3 are yours;)
no time to blip today, but tomorrow...i'm lookin' forward to listening to yours kobi.:))xoxo
btw...you know what?:)) the album 'The Astounding Eyes Of Rita' has arrived.:D very very beautiful album, indeed...thank you so very much again for letting me know such a great music. loved 'Al Birwa' a lot. 'For No Apparent Reason', too! of course.;)

have a lovely day sweetest kobi. with smiles and kisses♡

not surprised because we have such a similar musical taste dear Aki :))
you know honey you are very welcome and yes Anouar Brahem is great ethnojazz musician(my big fav genre) and especially this album
btw when you have time listen to blip i sent yesterday hope you like :) always is big pleasure to listen to your station as well dearest Aki
Happy Wednesday & thanks for everything ..XOXOXOX

you can say that again dearest kobi.:)) even if 3 out of 3, not surprised..*wink*
This album will stay with me as a big favorite...thank you so much for sharing your beautiful taste, always so good to me.

i'm gonna listen to you, kobi:) 
hope you are having a good rest now♡;)xoxoxo

stay with me too :) thank you so much for this beauty and your kind words my sweet Aki ❤ so appreciated....xoxo