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4 comments on under the tree

you know i love EST and especially this album :) so sweet of you my precious Aki sheni guli da everything from it is perfect gift for me shen itsi ;))
mikvars sheni kokoro takusan dzalian..... <3
blessed to have you in my life Aki

i have the same feeling for you darlin'heart:))

thank you so much for listening, glad you loved it!
"dating" (from the same album) also my fav, beautiful music & lovely title isn't it? i'll add someday:)
shen, mze, musika da sandwich = lovely pikniki for meღ

have a beautiful day my dearest precious kobi:))xoxoxo

sure lovely for me too :))listening to our fav musics, delicious foods and touching your hands as well, sure lovely one and i would love to hope one happy day sweet Aki
thank you for many lovely days you gave me
Anata no kirei kokoro o aishite XOXOXO

i’m sure it will be lovely one :)
hope you had a very-lovely birthday with lots of good surprises:))
i uploaded that song for your birthday present kobi :) you might have "A Moment of Now" tho:) thank you so very much for your kind introduction..love the album, bought recently.

again, thank you too for everything kobiღ enjoy your beautiful day:))xoxoxo

i saw your YT account yesterday did you create it week ago?
your kirei kokoro and upload is perfect presents for me shen itsi es ;)) love this great album too esp this song and "Lessons in love"
Oku no atsui kisu xoxox

yes, i did. bc i wanted to send that song to you:)
i feel exactly the same way, and you know it kobi:))
"much" kisses for you dearest kobiღ
....i don't know how to say "oku" in Georgian yet:))) but kobi, now i remember many Georgian words.

It's so sweet of you Aki, loved all your uploads :)
oku is bevri in Georgian ;) bevri bevri kocnebi chemi lamazi gogo
btw gogo means girl and i put Gogo Penguin's another tune for you here on top of the Jazz mix, think you like :)
you taught me many Japanese words too and love to speak them
mec dzalian momenatre shen itsi <3

aw bevri arigato kobi:)) i'm listening to your jazz mix now.
really fits my late-night. looove Gogo Penguin a lotღ

btw i thought "ertad" means "with you" kobi:))..i'm talking about "pikniki", of course much better shentan ertad shen itsi ;) da, me vpikrob shenze always*
takusan-bevri kocnebi chemi sakvareli:) dzili nebisa..oyasumi nasai:)xoxo

thought "gogo" means "hurry hurry!"*lol* my imagination is funny:)))

ertad means together and shentan ertad is with you :)
yes Go go in English is associated with hurry but gogo in Georgian mean girl and express not like English gougou but just gogo ;)
watashi no kirei garu :* hope correct :) teach me more your language, like it anata ga shitte iru
hope you had beautiful dream Aki and having fine day
sending a lot of love to you koibito Aki XOXOX

:) i see! very interesting, kobi:))

i'm willing to help you any time:)) teach me tooღ
...me davlevt chai shentan etard:)))
your Japanese is correct;)

enjoy your beautiful day...sending bevri gaigime da sikvaruli for you chemi dearest kobi*:))xoxoxo

with big pleasure as well sweet Aki, feel free to ask me anything
modi davliot(let's drink) ertad chai ;))
Shiawasena egao to atsui kisu :*:*:*:*

modi chamtanღ:)

takusan arigato for your sweet messages& beautiful tunes kobi:)
i'm listening to your blip page right now. very nice...fits my late night:) thank you so muchღ...it's a little bit late for me to blip(very sleepy:))..so, i'll write you tomorrow.
I'm imagining your beautiful country & heart:)

oyasumi nasai(my time zone)..wish you a beautiful evening(your time zone) darlin'heart:)xoxoxo

siamovnebit :))
your messages and tunes make my days happier shen itsi bc anata no amai kokoro o kanjiru
yes here is beautiful nature but unfortunately unfair country and plus very dangerous to live near big monster Russia(i mean its gov and politics) want to control anyone it can especially neighbours
interesting day and bevri kocnebi chemgan(from me)

'siamovnebit'...new word!:))

i always wish you well kobi...
here is beautiful nature too..beaches, mountains, birds, flowers etc..far from Tokyo.:) wish i could show them to you:)

tkbili sizmrebi shen gultan ertad :) takusan sikvaruli da kocnebi chemgan:))xoxoxo

yes new one and means "with pleasure" ;)
i know and can imagine how beautiful Japan is
never been in your country but Geography was my fav objective in school
beautiful island in Pacific ocean with many little islands(as i know Hokkaido is biggest one) and know many cities too except capital Tokyo(Kyoto, Kawasaki, Sapporo, Yokohama, Nagano, Kobe(similar w/my name) ...etc, i wish i could see first of all my most kirei gogo and kokoro in JP :) btw which city you live?
many warmest kisses & koi chemgan from Tbilisi xoxoxox

wow! you know a lot:)
i'm in Okinawa...southern part of Japan:) year-round warm weather (like Hawaii), fine food, and people are also warm...good place :)
ohh yes kobi, Kobe is one of the most beautiful city;)

chemgan also new one for me:)
i don't know grammar, but really happy when you understand what i'm saying in sheni ena :))

motto (much) tausan (a lot) sikvaruli da kocnebi...Aki yori (from Aki) :))xoxoxoxo

kobi, thank you so very very much for your beautiful choice...i'm still listening to 'Hysm':)) the more listen to this, the more love itღ i'm writing you bednieri Khelebi & gaigime gultan :)
oyasumi nasai..enjoy your beautiful moment, kobi*

Ahh i really can imagine how warm people are in Okinawa if they are like you Aki :) btw you live in island Okinawa or in town too? this island is near Taiwan and center is town Naha, am i right? i am seeing it in Google map
chemgan means from me and shengan is from you
love your writing Georgian words and teaching me Japanese as well and sooo happy to make your kirei kokoro smile :)))
oyasumi nasai yumemite ne watashi no amai Aki:*:* XOXO

:) takusan arigatou my sweet kobi*
yes, i live in this island now:)..but not in town.
and yes, near Taiwan. this island Okinawa is closer to Taiwan than Tokyo:)

...so, can i say kobigan?:))) suteki na do youbi = lovely Saturday dearest kobi*..bevri kocnebi da sikvarulit akigan:))xoxoxoxo
hope you're not laughing ;)

yes happy smiling :)) just lil mistake in grammar ;) when use name must add "s" last of the word for example: Akisgan, Kobisgan and "gan" means from, you know already ;)
mikvars(love) kocnebi da sikvaruli chemi dzvirfasi Akisgan shen itsi ;))
didi madloba sakvarelo and Suteki na shumatsu my precious Aki <3
btw added now ECM jazz tune on the top of ECM mix hope like

me mikvars kocnebi da sikvaruli Kobisgan:)...hope correctღ
love your new ECM collections, too:))) so peaceful & beautiful..that's really ECM tune, kobi..didi didi didi arigato:)))
i'm listening to your blip stream now...love it, too!!:)
how's the weather in Tbilisi? 27C, warm sunny-Sunday here...like a early summer:)
shen always(don't know how to say:)) akhlos chemi guliღ
taigulebi (same meaning?) da sikvaruli akisgan:))xoxoxo
enjoy your beautiful Sunday kobi*

i'm truly sorry kobi...didn't do it on purpose.
me vpikrob shenzen qoveltvis, shen xar ocneba chemi shen itsi:)

yes absolutely correct and it is best words for me :)) mikvars igive(same) Akisgan ;) shen itsi
as far "always" qoveltvis is almost correct but first letter is not "q" but just similar and real letter just is not in English so can use it but you can use easier word for always it is "mudam"
shen mudam xar(is/are) chem gultan(tan=with) akhlos
mec mudam vfiqrob shenze sakvarelo, bevri da didi sikvaruli kobisgan shen <3
p.s. yesterday and today in Tbilis getting very cold only +3C and strong windy weather but soon will be warm too
i see you are living in great climate :)) love sun beach beautiful nature and music

not for you...i should have written "if i hope nothing..."
me mudan vfiqrob shenze sakvarelo.
i understand you -your music are carefully selected. it's my precious treasure..

me vfiqrob bevri shen...that's why it is/was strong windy in recent days there, kobi:) don't catch a cold, take care of yourself.
me mudan xar shentan akhlos..:)

dzili nebida kobistan..correct?:)

Aki you said truth and i understood you right i just wrote my idea about hope :)
that is why i never catch a cold your guli warm chemi guli dzalian magrad and mikvars me var(am) akhos shen gultan
about grammar: lil mistakes, not mudan but mudam and dzili nebisa ;) and yes oyasumi nasai koibito Aki and imagine me gverdit(next to/or beside) shentan inspired by your cover here ;)
mec menatrebi shen itsiღ xoxox

i'll back on Friday kobi:) depart tomorrow morning..
so, bevri bevri bevri bednieri to see/hear you tonight sikvaruli chemi:)
but as much as bevri bevri bevri momenatre...
sending lots of❆ dakhuche tvalebi*)xoxo

Ahh already anata ni oku o ketsujo
have a nice and safe trip my precious Aki
plz remember anata wa tokubetsu desu for me and shen mudam chem gulshi(in) xar t cut this again ;))
didi sikvaruli kobisgan mudam watashino yume no shojo :))

dididididi arigato for your sweet messages da musicღ
back to my room, writing you:)
i miss/missing/missed=mudam you oku-bevri kobi:)xoxoxoxo

დილა მშვიდობისა!:)

thank you very much dearest kobi:))
i'm sooo glad you liked this mix. i love 'Sæterjentens Søndag', too. beautiful arrangement.:)

i really love listening to music with you kobi.
have a beautiful day...and, see you:))xoxo

so sweet of you dearheart:)
i'm having a lovely harmony time now..:))
wish you a beautiful Thursday sweetest kobi:)xoxo