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The French-Algerian singer Akim El Sikameya doesn’t know how to live without music neither what does music means outside life. Born in the Arab-Andalusian music, he is as fond of Salim El Hilali as of David BOWIE, and you can hear that. His music, a happy mix of jazz, celtic, bossa, raï, klezmer ska, flamenco, french waltz, gypsy… upsets us by the wrenches and joys she expresses. As a melody goldsmith that he is, he can make glitter thousands pairs of spectators’ eyes with his incredible violin, that he plays in a unique manner, put on his knees while singing and standing upright.
This new album, ‘Un chouia d’amour’ - he gives his bit of love with passion - is like his violin : sometimes cheerful sometimes mournful but always standing – put on his lap – like Akim stands up to fondamentalism Akim is a libertine for present times, A genuine artiste to discover quickly.

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