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For dreamers, pisces and aphrodites ♓


minimal melodic beats that will guide you through your meditation today and a more peaceful and fulfilling life every day!

Pic by ALAgrApHY

"Pisces" is the Latin word for "Fishes." It is one of the earliest zodiac signs on record, with the two fish appearing as far back as c. 2300 BCE on an Egyptian coffin lid

  • Children (Dream version) by Robert Miles
  • Ney Improvisation by Al Kauthar
  • Threnody by Goldmund
  • Airborne by Marty Party
  • Vocal Remix by Yann Tiersan
  • Dying in The Sun by Dying In The Sun
  • Mirko Galasso by Chopin, la tristesse (arranged)
7 tracks
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