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Truly Beautiful Vocals


Clouds slide across the sky as your world fades into a blur of color and light. Be taken to a land beyond reason and a world without law. Listen to the melodies of your heart and experience a freedom from the stress of life. A beautiful mix of instrumental and vocal songs that are arranged to free you of your troubles and sorrow.
A good mix for studying, writing, or lounging.

24 tracks
7 comments on Truly Beautiful Vocals

This is a really relaxing grab bag of music, and super nostalgic for an old-school gamer like me! Listening to it this afternoon helped me to push through and finish a piece of writing I've been procrastinating on. Thank you so much for making it. I'm gonna check out some of your other mixes soon!

i go to pause this mix to go and do things but find myself utterly transfixed by the raw emotions each sing brings. brilliant thank you