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How to say: I want you!


Because sometimes, you don't know how to say this three words: I WANT YOU!
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[Fourteen tracks including music by The Beatles, Kings of Leon and Placebo]

14 tracks
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1. I want you / Kings of Leon
2. I want you / The Kooks
3. I want you / Third Eye Blind
4. I want you / Savage Garden
5. I want you / Bob Dylan
6. I want you / Marvin Gaye
7. I want you / Common
8. I want you / Elvis Costello
9. I want you (She's so heavy) / The Beatles
10. I want you now / Depeche Mode
11. I want you now / The Feeling
12. I want you to / Weezer ft. Sara Bareilles
13. Because I want you / Placebo
14. I really want you / James Blunt