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she will rattle the bars of her jail cell and bare her teeth at the snow. her smile and heart are all winter. but her skin will taste like sun and burnt sugar. it's hard work those ink stains on the backs of her hands, her eyes. i'm not sure what else to tell you but that i am learning to love her, learning to call her my own. she is my monster doll.

for olivia, this makes #7 i think. so i know you've got that idea of me for your ap art piece and i'm really over the moon about it, so here's a mix of who i think this kaleidowoman to be. a lot of these songs have been stuck in my head for a while and they really bring out this vibe. she's a version of me i think, something carnal and raw that i aspire to be. don't we all? life is a constant work in progress.

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