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c'est la vie - l'édition disney


it's my philosophy that listening to another language while studying/working is one of the most productive ways to concentrate. french just happens to be one of the most beautiful languages and it would be a shame if I didn't organize this composition of disney-french masterpieces.

[note: anastasia and the prince of egypt are too good to not be in this, I apologize to fox and dreamworks]

(update: 11.5.17 + other films I had forgotten were added)

35 tracks
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I am in french immersion and in my 6th year of french, but if I listen to music in english while studying it's hard to think in french! I totally agree with you about the other languages thing! Thanks for this mix!

@kk99aa I'm a senior in high school and am currently in my fourth year of learning french, I'm glad you like listening to the genre as well. thank so so much!