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Evolution of Music 1960's - 2016's Re-Uploaded (The Nostalgia of 3 Generations) Happy New Year!


Legend has it that only 29 people ever made it to the end. (and only 57 reached halfway) (Bonus Tracks Don't Count)
Enjoy this on a long car ride with all the windows open. You'll get in the mood and enjoy the History of Music (well mostly American Music).

I just made this for fun to have others guess if they have heard these songs before, but if you really want to listen to this playlist then you'll need some patience for some songs you ain't use to (but they are all worth it).

Just asked my family members to choose their favorite songs throughout their lives.

Music really exploded in the 2000s so half the playlist is before the 2000s and the other half is after the 2000s

Happy New Year and Cheers to 2017.

376 tracks
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Sorry for the inconvenience everyone. 8tracks kind of glitched out and said I had to reupload EVERY SONG!. Yea that took a while. I'm really sorry to everyone who lost their progress throughout the playlist and has to start all over. To make it up I took the time to refine this playlist and it is permanently finished. Thanks to everyone who still stick around and didn't give up on this playlist.

Well, I finally finished listening to this after 2 weeks. This playlist changed my life. It's so awesome! Thanks for putting it together!

@SlushGuppy Oops I guess I shouldn't have procrastinated. Well you see I just finished the playlist. But most of the new songs are in the 70's so if you want to listen to them, It wouldn't take that long. But you still get the medal for completion! Really happy someone thought this playlist was worth their time even with the limited listening time by 8tracks. Thank you.

Sorry to everyone with the new 8tracks free listening limit. I started this playlist before that was a thing and now I know that most people can't finish this (8 hours long) playlist. But thank you for all your support.