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The Hiroyuki Experience 3/3 (Do you feel it Rising? It's called Hope)


Sorry I didn't see you there. My name is Sawano Hiroyuki (not really).
Some call me the Asian Han Zimmer, while some the Two Steps From Hell of the East. I'm a pretty big deal.
So you came from my other playlists and still wanted MORE?!
Ok here you go but I really have to get back to work on Attack on Titan Season 2 (coming out in April).
shhh don't tell anyone I gave you thirds.
All the playlists will be released on the same day.

I wrote songs for:

-Attack on Titan
-Blue Exorcist
-Seraph of the End
-Guilty Crown
-Kill La Kill
-Xenoblade Chronicles X
-The Seven Deadly Sins
-Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
-Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
-Sengoku Basara
-Thunderbolt Fantasy
-anime etc.
-and a Bunch of J-Drama

8 tracks
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Really like the playlist, but can you please take out the instrucmental tag because it has a lot of tracks with words sung...

@KeiK Sorry for the late reply (examines week). you're right that there are quite a lot of tracks with words, but a majority of the tracks are instrumental or have half instrumental than the other half vocal. Most of the tracks with words are in the beginning .

Track List:
0:00 - Mobile Suit Concert Variation (MOBILE SUIT W-REC MIX + GUNDAM Alex's Mix)
5:15 - Uncontrollable (Tyrant's Theme) ft. MPI & Mika Kobayashi
9:04 - OMAKE-SUITE Outtake 2-04
11:45 - BLAZE (ZERO-TWO Ver.) ft. David Whitaker
15:29 - No differences ft. Aimee Blackschleger 【-a0v-】(Alex's Edit)
20:23 - I want to know ft. Benjamin Anderson
24:30 - κrOnё (Krone)
30:04 - AL C-@ (Allusia) ft. Cyua
32:37 - Spirit
36:43 - MAD-NUG
41:08 - 1coma ft. Mika Kobayashi
46:41 - Before My Body is Dry ft. Mika Kobayashi & David Whitaker
50:50 - Grenzlinie ft. Cyua
55:46 - RX-0
58:43 - No.EX 01 (Alex's Edit)
1:02:40 - Keep on keeping on ft. Mizuki【nZk】
1:06:31 - INSANITY LOVE ft. mica
1:10:12 - 1hundredknight:Y (Movement 1)
1:12:23 - OneZeroEight (Movement 2)
1:14:45 - 3594εMT【emU】(Victory is Ours) ft Mika Kobayashi
1:17:31 - NEO FANTASIA ft. Chihara Minori
1:23:12 - Release My Soul ft. Aimee Blackschleger
1:2747 - ON YOUR MARK
1:32:01 - BLUE
1:35:59 - Aesthetic 【emU Ver.】ft. Aika Sekiyama
1:39:53 - SOTE (Movement 1)
1:42:09 - pfSOTEad3
1:46:08 - no11=RE:ARR.X
1:52:19 - zai ft. Cyua
1:57:04 - 「e of s」ft. Mizuki
2:00:55 - No differences【nZk ver.】 ft. Mizuki
2:05:34 - MY SEA
2:08:09 - Ver$ (Movement 2)
2:09:59 - Pf-adlib II
2:13:23 - 1st Mov:[Open a title page]〜物語の始まり〜(Reprogramming)
2:18:34 - Part 3 of 3 finished. The End