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Underground Trap Electronica Party Vol. 3 : Faded


I only chose this photo cause it has a #3 in it. I'm good with music, not pictures OK.

You ain't got no bass, THEN GET THE FUK OUT!
If any of you followed my Trap mixes, well sorry for making you wait. But EDM Trap music is slowly moving towards Future Trap and Chill Trap, so it was hard finding good faithful songs. Sadly the next Trap mix is probably going to be my last one.

So a TOAST to all the songs we've heard and all songs we've yet to hear. Trap, I hope you never change.

WHAT? Can't get enough, well I never leave my customers feeling dry.
Vol 2:

Or maybe something lighter (like eating a salad)

21 tracks
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@Emmit-Alver Hey I play these songs along with my friend's music when we go out. Party Certified! But be careful, it's all about knowing your audience and their mood. From Penn State with love.