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The Emerald Isle: Stories and Music of Ireland


Ever since I can remember listening to music I've been inertly drawn to celtic music in all its various shapes (almost all). I'm happy there's so much of it, either good or bad, I feel it's a blessing to have such a varied repertoire to draw inspiration from.

With the recent release of the wonderful Irish animation Song of the Sea (2014), I thought it's probably as good a time as any to do one of these.

49 tracks
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What a beautiful playlist - I'm so glad I discovered it! And I hadn't heard of Song of the Sea, but it's definitely added to my watch list now. So thank you twice over. :)

@darkcrystal1839 Sorry for the late reply, don't know why I'm so slow with these. You're so very very welcome :) In case you liked Song of the Sea, the guys who made it have an older animation called The Secret of Kells.