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HUUUUUHHH! (Kanye Voice)


This mix has songs in it that Kanye either produced, had a feature in, or you just know he straight up influenced the artist. Oh and of course there's songs by Kanye too. Some of the artists featured in this mix are Jay-Z, Drake, and Lupe Fiasco. Enjoy.

19 tracks
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i like that this is the 1st mix i find. i had a big argument on how kanye is not over rated (other person was say he was). thanks for keeping the douche and his out there

In my opinion you have to put Kanye in the top 10 rappers of all time. He's versatile, his music has been consistently great, and he's one hell of a producer. Kanye has probably produced half of your friends favorite song's and he probably doesn't even know it. Haha.