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Pure Hip Hop


Some old, some new. East coast, west coast, no coast. U.S., UK, Australia, it's all here. Just pure hip hop goodness. This is definitely the longest mix I have made, 88 tracks in all. I'll be impressed if you listen to the whole thing. The Roots, Atmosphere (if you've listened to any of my previous mixes you've probably figured out I'm a ridiculously huge Atmosphere fan. I'm from Minnesota, what can I say.), Outkast, and more. Please enjoy!

85 tracks
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been trying to purchase some tracks but hard to find.looking for Cherry Moon (Blockhead ft Punchline)... any ideas? ridiculous mix!!! been listening to it over and over. thanks!

@aarondavidfraser Glad you liked it, man! Unfortunately, I don't know if that song is even online. I got the album at a local record store here in Mpls. If you really want, you can get it here: .... It's pretty cool. It's a producer based album, so there's a different rapper/producer combo for each track. Otherwise you might just have to rip it off YouTube or something. Haha.