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The Essay Writing Kind

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After watching the sunrise for a minute, with tears running through her cheeks, she started packing. Somehow she already knew what was about to happen. She said goodbye to her dog and cat and closed the door leaving everything behind. Her tears were caused by a message that said: "40 years together is a lot of time together, why don't we go in a second honeymoon. Pack your bags, see you at 7am. Happy anniversary." Instagram: @anotherwriter

The portrayal of women in "The Picture of Dorian Gray,".....something I'm genuinely interested in, I just don't actually feel like doing it. Hahaha, but thanks for the great playlist!

I have to write a 5 paragraph essay on the pros and cons of technology... IN HEBREW and I suck at writing in Hebrew. But thanks for the awesome playlist anyways. :)