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Songs that evoke the feelings of mysteries, sadness, isolation and hope of the fictional Cloud County, TN. Some of these songs are also mentioned in the Tufa novels. Don't miss the new Tufa novel, CHAPEL OF EASE, available September 6, 2016.

23 tracks
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This is the most wonderful of playlists. I am a big fan of roots, bluegrass and Celtic as well as American folk music.. I love Alex's Tufa books and can feel the night wind stirring my soul to make my own Tufa inspired playlist.

@AlexBledsoe Mr. Bledsoe, I have published my Tufa inspired playlist entitled, "Friday Night at the Pair-A-Dice". Words can't express the enjoyment of the Tufa books. I hope you'll listen to my playlist and I a;so hope you like it.

Just noticed this mix and it's wonderful. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Coincidentally, I've been working on my own Tufa-inspired 8Tracks mix (while reading Wisp of a Thing). It's been ready to go for a while but I'm still working on getting the song order right. Finished Wisp last night and it blew me away. But - now I have to wait til May for more! Gonna be a long wait.

@AlexBledsoe OK - my tufa mix is published. It's very different from yours and not nearly as good, but I had a lot of fun making it. The majority of the songs are traditional Appalachian ballads with the non-traditional ones relating in one way or another to the novels. I let my imagination go wild and added some annotations that won't mean anything to anyone who hasn't read the books. Thanks so much for the inspiration. (By the way, I love the artwork on your mix - it was one of the big draws that made me pick up and read 'Hum & Shiver.' That pic is perfect!)

@kez Thanks so much, Kez! I just listened to it, and it's GREAT! I hadn't heard a lot of these before (at least, not these versions), and I loved the annotations. I'm incredibly flattered.

@AlexBledsoe I'm glad you enjoyed it! You have inspired me to think about writing a piece on the music and the books for the music blog I sometimes contribute to. If I manage to get it done, I'll give you a heads up!