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ʏᴏυ мᴀĸᴇ мᴇ cᴏмᴘℓᴇтᴇ


She's my best friend. My sister. I would die for her.

Lydia is the wind and Allison is the earth. She helps Allison to be free and be outrageus as Allison helps her to keep her feet on the ground and not to get her head in the clouds. They keep each other complete.

I'm sorry, I decided to do this before Allison died. Now it just brings back painful memories.

  • 1234 by Feist
  • The Dress Looks Nice On You (Sufjan Stevens) by PenniBug
  • The Wolves by Ellie Goulding
  • Anthems for a Seventeen by Anthems For A Seventeen
  • Wild One by I am Harlequin
  • 02 Big Blue Sea by LeeNYC
  • Why Cant You Be by Third Eye Blind
  • 29 - Sea of Love by 100percents
8 tracks