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alfa23's Madchester & early 90s UK Indie mix

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Think they've fucked around with this; it's skipped The Only One I Know and God's Cop. They do that, apparently. Replace tracks, but leave the tags pointing to the original. One of the DJs I follow is a real-life DJ, and he uses 8Tracks to test sets. They dicked around with his mixes, so his bio is now one long rant!

Thanks for the heads-up - I went in and checked the playlist and The Charlatans wouldn't preview, so I re-uploaded it and it seemed OK... We'll see! Step On previewed OK but I re-uploaded anyway...

Was yer Colin Curly comment meant for me? If so, LOL! :D I'm still about but never seem to get around to posting the second episodes for my mixes - but I keep meaning to! Any requests for for a future Madchester / indie mix when I do..?! :)

Oi, Colin Curly, come back! I love you shit! Why is it that, when I finds someone who's shit I like they've fucked off…?!