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alfa23's Madchester & early 90s UK Indie mix part II


Before starting to free party with Spiral Tribe in the Spring-Summer of '91, a bunch of us spent 6 months-or-so of Thursday nights at The Kandi Klub in Bristol, bouncing around to this sorta stuff - pretty sure many of you listeners did too, somewhere..!

23 tracks, mainly Madchester with a sprinkling of Indie and BritPop choons - Enjoy... I know we did! :)

23 tracks
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I can't believe you don't have more Ned's! I'd have also lost Blur and Oasis in favour of Pulp and the Manics, and I'd also have added BAD II and Senser, but that's just me

Sick, y'see, I can't of then listen to a mix over an hour in one go, so I have to break off and come back. Can't do that with an odd number - and certainly not with a prime. Can't do it by time, cos that could mean leaving off in the middle of a track - and that'd NEVER do! I can't help it, I'm autistic - don't even like LPs with an odd number of tracks.

Ah, did I tell you I'm allergic to odd numbers - and primes in particular…? Y'see, had you made it 24, I could have chopped it in half, thirds, quarters, sixths, eighths… cos I'm