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alfa23's Mod Revival Toons - Part 1: Anthems


First 8tracks mix so thought I'd start with some music from the genre that I first immersed myself in as a spotty, angst-ridden youth - UK Mod Revival. Tracks are from the ‘first phase’ of the Revival, roughly 1979–82[ish], when New Wave Punk met Sixties cool, giving rise to the return of that very-British youth subculture: The Mods.

8 tracks incl. music by Purple Hearts, Secret Affair and The Chords; not always their best tracks, rather anthems for a loud and proud movement!


8 tracks
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The nuns confiscated most of 'em. I managed to hold on to my Mary Chain and Sisters of Mercy LPs because I convinced Sr. Bernadette and Sr. Mary Josephine they were religious groups! They nicked my Walkman, tho, cos I was listening to it during prep one evening. School's been bulldozed now, thank fuck… who was the dick who uttered "schooldays are the best days of your life"…?! If they'd gone to my school they'd have had a VERY different perspective…

You're awesome! Get some more shit up! I don't get how this 8Tracks stuff is supposed to work; my own record collection is dire; the good shit's all on vinyl. All the tracks I want to add to mixes I don't actually physically - or virtually - own, and the 8Tracks website hates me anyway. I can't believe that folks have accessed every single track they've put up; if that's the case, then some must have LP collections running into the 10ks! I can't afford to buy stuff. Bring back the days of indie record stores where you could (at least I could) get serious bargains if you sweet-talked the owner… having said that, in the early days, most of the stuff I listened to was taped off Peel. If you say you didn't do similar, then you're lying! EVERYBODY I knew taped Peel. Tom Robinson's good, but he ain't no JP. By the way, I have to say I don't know Chippenham all that well, but The 'Nam…?! Can't say I've ever heard it referred to in such terms before…

Heh, there's a hardstyle track with the lyric "We are the last generation that learned to play in the street,
we were the first to play video games and the last that record songs off the radio on cassettes or music videos on VHS" - yup, I was sure one of those! I wasn't really cool enough for Peel but used to wait - finger hovering over the Pause/Rec - on a Sunday for TOTP on R1 and, in later years, on the video for Dance Energy or The Word - LOL, makes me chuckle thinking about it! :'D

As for The 'Nam; it's really a throw-back to raving days with the Junction 17 / Goldiggers Devotion posse - when we returned from a long weekend of hard free partying the scene in the squat often resembled a DMZ; the walking wounded and the shell-shocked..! Still have friends who let me know when they're heading into "The 'Nam"... You mention you don't know it all that well; did you ever get the [sometimes-dubious! :D] pleasure of encountering the local natives or savouring the nightlife..? :)

Must admit, the majority of the Sister / Jesus & Mary Chain stuff passed me by in my blinkered Mod youth [part of the territory!], tho I did get into Love & Rockets and a bit of Front 242..! Your religious groups bit made me chuckle, too! School mostly was - and is - to grind you down and make you conform; comply and fit in and you're fine - listen to subcultural sounds and have a non-conformist ID and yer pretty much screwed for the term... Don't think I'd've coped too well with nuns too!