10 comments on The Keys Sing Hauntingly by AliceFindsNeverland

This is truly and amazing playlist. it helped me get through my writing work in no time. This is a great piano/instrumental playlist and I'm very glad i was able to find it.

@Thekikisky Thank you for your lovely comment! I'm glad this playlist has helped you with your writing and wish you the best with your projects! : )

This playlist is absolutely wonderful. Of course, any mix that starts off with Brian Crain is alright by me. Stunning, peaceful, perfect. These are the first three words that come to mind when I listen to this mix. And, not to mention that this playlist reached gold status in only 13 days????? I have listened to many piano instrumental mixes, as these are my favorite, and one of the wonderful things about this list is the selection of music.....it is comprised of music that I've not heard before so it's not repetitive. Very nicely done. I wish to sincerely thank you for this playlist. You have truly great taste in music. Thank you so much for .sharing with us!! This one will get tons of playtime!!!!! ❤❤

@cldisme This is one of the nicest, loveliest comments I have ever received! Thank you so much. It's great to see that this playlist has been so appreciated--I'm astounded to have received gold status already! I do love sharing my musical discoveries with people and your comment has greatly reassured me to keep doing it. : )