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it was one kingdom, once


An instrumental mix for fighting side by side, daring disguises, the sound of bells reverberating through your bones, and two kings joining their kingdoms and ruling together for all the span of their days
((a companion mix to 'the world was not made for beauty like his'))

14 tracks
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I found the other playlist, "the world was not made for beauty like his" while reading the end of "Princes Gambit" and I immediately fell in love. "Blackheart" is so resonant with Laurent's character throughout the battle and the end of the novel. After thinking it couldn't get better, I found this playlist when I began "King's Rising" and it broke my heart. The two playlists fit seamlessly together, and hold many of my favorites from multiple soundtracks. I absolutely love both of them, and want to say thank you for making these. You've made my reading experience of "The Captive Prince" that much more amazing.

@duncecapdummy oh goodness, such nice words! this is so flattering, and means so much. amazing, i'm so happy you liked them and found them fitting for the story. ('blackheart' is amazing omg!!! i always find the 'stringy' songs so well suited for Laurent. same with 'the bannered mare', and of course, the Rohirrim themes.) thank you!